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Muhanga: District to address residents’ issues

October 1, 2014 – 10:41 am | No Comment

Muhanga district officially launched the Good Governance Month at the end of September, the program will see local leaders from cell to district level address lingering residents’ problems
In order to solve people’s issues and problems, …

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Rwanda : Two arrested for suspected drug peddling

June 17, 2012 – 9:35 am | No Comment

Police in Nyarugenge district on Thursday afternoon intercepted two suspects and seized an estimated 10 kilograms of cannabis destined for Kigali.
The arrest took place at a Police roadblock in gitikiyoni. According to Police sources, the …

EAC: U Rwanda nirwo rwonyine rwatangiye kujyanisha amateko n’ ibiteganywa n’ igitabo cy’ amategeko y’ umuryango – Abdi

December 8, 2011 – 5:11 am | No Comment

Abdirahin Haithar Abdi, umuvugizi w’ inteko ishinga amategeko y’ umuryango wa Afrika y’ Uburasirazuba (EALA), aratangaza ko u Rwanda aricyo gihugu cyonyine muri bitanu bigize umuryango cyatangiye kujyanisha amategeko yacyo arebana n’ impunzi n’ uko …

Inteko yatoye itegeko rigena imiterere, imikorere n’ububasha by’urukiko rw’ikirenga

December 7, 2011 – 4:40 pm | No Comment

Tariki ya 28 Ugushyingo,  abadepite batoye itegeko ngenga rigena imiterere, imikorere n’ububasha by’urukiko rw’ikirenga. Iryo tegeko rivuga ko urukuki rw’ikirenga ari ryo rukiko rukuru, ibyemezo rwafashe bidasubirwamo.
Itegeko ryatowe rivuga ko ibyemezo by’urukiko bitajuririrwa ariko urubanza …


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